Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leporis et Vulpis Controversia (Fabula Facillima)

I'm starting a new feature here at the blog today, taking a previously published fable - this time one from Abstemius - and creating a truly simple version of it, using only present-tense verbs and avoiding all difficult constructions. Let me know what you think!
Original Fable: Abstemius 1. 73. Learn more.
Lepus sēsē dignum reputābat, quī vulpī praeferrētur, quoniam longē illam pedum pernīcitāte superābat. Tunc vulpes: At ego, inquit, ingenium sum sortīta praestantius, quō saepius quam tū pernīcitāte tuā, canēs ēlūdō. Haec indicat fābula, corporis vēlōcitātem et vīrēs ab ingeniō longē superārī.

Fabula Facillima:

Here are two versions of the fable. One has macrons, which can help you to understand the exact meaning of each word. The other version has stress marks, which can help you in reading out loud.

~ ~ ~

Lepus reputat: "Dignus sum. Plūs dignus sum quam vulpes. Egō vulpem superō! Egō vulpem longē superō! Ecce pernīcitas pedum meōrum! Egō vulpem longē superō pedum pernīcitāte."

Tunc vulpes inquit: "Ecce ingenium meum! Ingenium meum praestāns est. Ingenium meum plūs praestans est quam tuum. Ingeniō meō saepe canēs ēlūdō. Egō plūs saepe canēs ēlūdō ingeniō meō quam tu pernīcitāte tuā."

Haec fābula indicat: Ingenium vīrēs superat. Ingenium corporis vēlōcitātem longē superat.

~ ~ ~

Lepus réputat: "Dignus sum. Plus dignus sum quam vulpes. Ego vulpem súpero! Ego vulpem longe súpero! Ecce pernícitas pedum meórum! Ego vulpem longe súpero pedum pernicitáte."

Tunc vulpes inquit: "Ecce ingénium meum! Ingénium meum praestans est. Ingénium meum plus praestans est quam tuum. Ingénio meo saepe canes elúdo. Ego plus saepe canes elúdo ingénio meo quam tu pernicitáte tua."

Haec fábula índicat: Ingénium vires súperat. Ingénium córporis velocitátem longe súperat.

~ ~ ~

Here is an illustration for the story (image source) show a rabbit who is very fleet of foot indeed!

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